Maastricht Society of Music (MSM) traces its origins to 2016 when Nikita Akulov, the ensemble's first violinist, founded the organization with a vision to foster collaboration between music students at the Conservatorium Maastricht and cultural institutions/private clients.


      The initial concept centered on creating an association that facilitated performance opportunities for its members while bridging connections with various cultural entities. This flexible and dynamic approach allowed the ensemble to adapt to the specific requirements of each performance, thus providing invaluable professional exposure to numerous students, including those who would later become integral members of the MSM Quartet.


       Gradually, the ensemble transitioned into a fixed string quartet formation, recognizing the success and cohesion achieved within this configuration. Thus, in 2018, the MSM String Quartet was finally established. With a diverse roster of musicians representing Russia, Belgium, and Spain, the quartet boasts a distinctive international character. Since its inception, the MSM Quartet has perfomed over 200 concerts throughout The Netherlands and across Europe.


          MSM was honored with a grant in the Stadsgoud Competition, organized by the Elisabeth Strouven Fonds, in recognition of its innovative approach to community engagement through social and cultural events. This grant has since been instrumental in realizing the Maastricht Classical Chamber Music Series, which debuted in 2019, enriching the cultural landscape of the region.


         The quartet has received guidance from renowned chamber musicians such as Sergei Pichugin (Glinka Quartet, Shostakovich Quartet), Henk Guittart (Schönberg Quartet), Rainer Schmidt (Hagen Quartet), and Abel Tomàs (Cuarteto Casals). MSM Quartet was awarded the prestigious Grand Prix du Public at the Maastricht Awards of Music in 2022. In 2024 they win the First Great Award at the Vienna International Competition. This accomplishment affords the quartet the opportunity to record a Digital Album, which will be distributed and promoted internationally, launching and propelling their global recognition.


Nikita Akulov


Dimitri Astashka


Júlia Ferrer


Judit Díaz