2016 to 2021 (Highlights)

Over 40 concerts played in The Netherlands and Belgium representing Maastricht Conservatorium. 

Over 50 Concerts and Gigs from private customers in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. 

15th February, Recording of 2 string quartets by Mozart and Debussy in Maastricht Conservatorium Studio.

5th April, Grand opening of Lippersheid private exhibition in Luxembourg

30th August, Premiere of Folk Jazz pieces by Korean composers, alumni of Jazz Department of Maastricht Conservatorium 

2nd September “Franz Pfanner Huis” recital of the Quartet in Arcen, The Netherlands 

20th, 22nd, 24th September, Recording with Jazz band from Toulouse, France 

12th, 13th, 14th March “Baroque nights” in Brussels, Belgium 

16th September “Overture PLT Heerlen” The Netherlands



5th June, Exhibition performance in Aachen, Germany

30th June, “Woensdagavondconcerten” in Leopoldskerkje (Meersen), The Netherlands

23rd August “Eifel Musicale” in Boltenhagen, Germany 

28th August “Opera and Classical Evening” in Kasteel Borgharen (Maastricht), The Netherlands 

12th September “Klassieke Zomer Parkstad” in Heerlen, The Netherlands 

21st and 22nd October, Performances for Maastricht University 

7th December, Concert in Lutherse Kerk, Maastricht

11th and 12th December “Magish Maastricht “, organized by Gemeente Maastricht 



20th January, MAM Competition First Round. Program: Schostakovich String Quartet 10.

6th March, Sint Jans Kerk, Maastricht. Program: Beethoven Razumovsky N.7, Beethoven Grosse Fugue.

17th March, Klassieke Zomer Parkstad, Heerlen. Classical concert support Ukraine. 

21st March, Lutherse Kerk Concert. Repertoire: Beethoven Heiliger Dankgesang and Schostakovich String Quartet N.10

23rd April, MAM Competition final Round - 2nd Prize Winners // Grand Prix Du Public

8th October First Round OSAKA Chamber Music Competition



14th January, Protestante Kerk, Heerlen. Programme: Haydn String Quartet “Quinten” and Schostakovich String Quartet N. 10

15th January, Recording Verbier Music Festival Selection Round

25th January Concert in Maastricht Town Hall

1st April, Sint Jans Kerk, Maastricht. Program: Haydn String Quartet “Quinten” and Schostakovich String Quartet N. 10

30th April, Lutherse Kerk Maastricht. Schubert Death and the Maiden

28-29th May, Klassiek in de Tuinen, Arcen

4th June, Lutherse Kerk Maastricht (Schubert String Quintet)

8th June, Concert in Omniversum, Den Haag

17-21rd July, VII International Quartet Academy in Vic

19th July, Concert in Teatre Casal Cultural in Sant Fruitós de Bages, Spain

2nd-3rd September Benefit Concert in Kasteel Borgharen, Maastricht

8th October, Concert in the Chamber Music Festival Klass-ik in Lanzarote, Spain

9th October, CD recording String Quartet no. 1 by Nino Díaz for the album “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”

17th November, Concert in Schepvaartsmuseum, Amsterdam

25th November, Concert in Waalse Kerk, Den Haag

17th December, Concert in Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

23th December, Concert in Schepvaartsmuseum, Amsterdam.



12th-13th January, Concerts in Nicolaikerk, Utrecht

14th January, Concert in Kunstkring, Echt

15th January, Studio Recording, Maastricht

26th-27th January, Concerts in Wilherminakerk, Dordrecht 28th January, Concert in Lutherse Kerk, Maastricht

9th February, Concert in Arminiuskerk, Rotterdam

10th February, Concert in Waalse Kerk, Den Haag

23rd and 24th February, Concerts in Nicolaikerk, Utrecht 25th February, Concert in SS Rotterdam

8th  March, Concert in Wilherminakerk, Dordrecht

9th March, Concert in Dopsgezinde Kerk, Haarlem

15th-16th March, Concert in Wilherminakerk, Dordrecht

27th March, FIRST GREAT AWARD, Vienna International Competition



5th April, Concert in De Grote Kerk, Dordrecht

27th April, Concert in Protestantse Kerk, Heerlen

10th May, Concert in Hulstkampgebow, Rotterdam

1st June, Sint Janskerk, Maastricht

16th June, Live Concert for L1 Limburg Radio