Born in Barcelona in 1994, Judit commenced her musical journey with the cello at the age of five. After completing her elementary studies under Adam Glubinksy in Barcelona, she pursued further education in Berlin in 2012, receiving private instruction from Beate Altenburg and Katarzyna Polonek.


At the young age of 12 she obtained her first award with her string chamber music ensemble, in the competition Jugend Musiziert 2006, winning the first prize. In 2014, Judit embarked on her Bachelor studies with Mirel Iancovici at the Maastricht Conservatorium, followed by her Master of Music degree under the guidance of Prof. Gabriel Schwabe in 2018.


With a proven early interest in chamber formations, she is devoted to MSM String Quartet. Furthermore, she is a valued member of the Spanish ensemble "Falla Ensemble," specializing in contemporary music performance. Judit's orchestral experience includes membership in prestigious institutions such as the NJO in 2019 and the GMJO in 2020, in addition to serving as an active substitute for the "Vigo 430," a professional orchestra based in Galicia, Spain.


Presently, she performs on an instrument crafted by Saskia Schouten in 2005, provided by the foundation Nationaal Instrumenten Fonds in the Netherlands.