MSM Ensemble was founded in 2016 in Maastricht by students of its Conservatorium. MSM has a unique international character, with Musicians from Russia, Belgium and Spain. Since the ensemble was created, MSM has performed over 200 concerts in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Luxembourg.

MSM String Quartet has been awarded a grant in the Stadsgoud competition 2019 organized by Elisabeth Strouven Fonds for the best “Idea for community building through social and cultural events”, which has been used for the implementation of Maastricht Classical Chamber Music Series in Sint-Janskerk (Maastricht) from 2019 till today.

Musicians of MSM studied quartet with Sergei Pishugin (Glinka Quartet, Schostakovich Quartet), Stefan Metz (Orlando Quartet and founder of Orlando Festival) and Rainer Schmidt (Hagen Quartet).

MSM String Quartet is familiar with an extensive classical repertoire, trying to explore every corner that string quartet music embraces, from the earliest works to the newest compositions. It is in constant exploration for fresh, personal but also documented performances, in search of discovering all the colours and nuances that every unique piece can offer.

In 2022 MSM String Quartet was Awarded with the 2nd Price “Grand Prix du Public”
at the Maastricht Awards of Music.